Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Daisy - Bryant (Dez Bryant) said despite a broken finger, but on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers game he will play Cheap 49ers jerseys through the pain, but there are signs that this is not wishful thinking.

Thursday's training Bryant is listed as restricted players, coach - Jason Garrett said fhjdfhu5 he was training a few times the ball while training before Garrett has said Bryant will not try to catch the training . Bryant in the left index finger fracture, but after the injury, he still has Cheap San Francisco 49ers jerseys a touchdown catch in the game last week, the team 20-19 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. His fingers need to undergo surgery, but the question now is whether he will try to kick down the remainder of the season with a fracture of the finger and underwent surgery after the end of the season.

Cheap Patriots Jerseys Bryant hopes Injured play for two reasons: First, the Cowboys still retains the hope of the playoffs, He is in the best state of his career this season, his ball topped 1000 code, and in the past five games has a score. The past five games, the Cowboys win four games, Bryant has 33 catches in five games advancing 525 yards and seven touchdowns.

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