New York Jets will play their star cornerback Darrell - Reavis (Darrelle Revis) on the injured reserve list means the season, a few weeks ago coach Rex - Ryan, he said the ball The teams have to wait until after the Cheap New England Patriots Jerseys end of Revis knee surgery before deciding on the future of Revis, maybe he can recover in time to catch up with the Super Bowl finals.

Ryan said Revis will be accepted in the next week to repair the the Left anterior cruciate ligament surgery, Revis cheap nike NFL jerseys injuries in the game against the Miami Dolphins three weeks ago. In the third quarter of that game, Revis painful fall to the ground without any physical contact, magnetic resonance imaging results confirm the worst fears of the Jets happened is that the anterior cruciate ligament tear.

injured Houleiweisi has been training at the team's afr78fmkfj training hall, in general, similar injuries need to wait a few weeks before the surgery, but in the meantime the athletes to begin the recovery process in order to strengthen the leg strength, which helps speed up the rehabilitation after surgery.

Ryan had hoped Revis can recover in time to participate in the Super Bowl, because the former Steelers players Rod - Woodson once in the 1995 season after undergoing knee reconstruction surgery at the time Wholesale nike NFL jerseys of the season regression. Ryan has been eager to such a miracle to happen again.

But to listen to the views of doctors Houlai En eventually made the above decision. Ryan also said the Jets will not Revis on NFL injured reserve / specified regression list.

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