New York Jets linebacker Bart - Scott (Bart Scott) continuous record of 119 games played may, ended on Sunday. ????Scott's big toes began to feel pain from the beginning of the third game of the season, on Thursday, dui5esf he missed the second consecutive day team training. He only participated in last Sunday's game against the New York Jets, 9 defense. Scott injured right big toe in the Sept. 23 game against the Miami Dolphins. Head coach Rex Cheap Ravens Jerseys - Ryan and defensive coordinator Mike - Peiting said such injuries usually need to rest three or four weeks. Scott consecutive appearances began in 2004, he played for the Baltimore Ravens during the 119 field ranked in five of the active-duty NFL linebacker. Cheap Baltimore Ravens jerseys Jets team will continue to assess the situation of Scott to see if he could debut in this weekend's game against the Miami Dolphins. Such injuries are usually not worse, but if you do not get proper treatment and adequate rest does not become better. Jets team celebrate their offseason weeks after the cheap nike NFL jerseys end of Sunday's game. Extra time to rest may help Scott better recovery.

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