Dwight Howard has dominated the NBA headlines this summer, but the latest rumors have the Orlando Magic star going to the Los Angeles Lakers in a four-team trade. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, talks have grown serious for a blockbuster deal that would send some of the league's biggest stars to new teams. In the proposed deal: Los Angeles Lakers would receive Dwight Howard and Al HarringtonDenver Nuggets would receive Andre IguodalaPhiladelphia 76ers would receive Andrew BynumOrlando Magic would receive Arron Afflalo and Pau Gasol plus draft picks While there is still plenty that is unknown about the deal, this preliminary structure shows what each team is looking for out of the deal. For some teams, this will turn the team around, while others seem to be making a mistake. Los Angeles Lakers: B+ Dwight Howard brings a lot on offense and defense, but he alone cannot replace the combined 36.1 points and 22.2 rebounds per game that Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum provided. Fortunately, they would also add Al Harrington, who is a solid scorer. He cannot replace Gasol on defense, air max 2012but Howard can do the work of two men in the post. The Lakers would be taking the risk that Howard does sign a long-term contract. It is debatable whether the trade makes the team better for next year, but if he leaves immediately it might end up being a big mistake. Denver Nuggets: C Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images Andre Iguodala is a solid role player, but he is not worth giving up two key players. He is known for his solid defense and athleticism, something that Arron Afflalo can provide almost as well. The Nuggets would be giving up two of the team's top three scorers from last season to acquire a player who has declined in scoring in each of the past five years. Unless the team also gets some draft picks, this does not seem worth the move. Philadelphia 76ers: A The 76ers had one of the deepest teams in the league last season and were one game away from playing in the Eastern Conference finals. Unfortunately, they did not have a go-to player inside to make the other team work. With Andrew Bynum, the Sixers would get an elite center that can make the defense even better while also providing an inside force on offense. He would also become a more focal part of the team, which should prevent any attitude problems. Who Would Win This Trade? Who Would Win This Trade? Lakers32.2% Nuggets5.6% 76ers55.3% Magic6.9% Total votes: 655 There is a risk that Bynum leaves after the season, but one good year could convince the youngster to stay. This would make Philadelphia dangerous for a long time. Orlando Magic: C+ Everyone in the Magic organization seems to be sick of the Dwight Howard fiasco, and they seem to be ready take whatever they can get. While they might still get some quality draft picks, overall this trade does not make sense. Pau Gasol does not fit into the mold of rebuilding that the team needs. Wojnarowski stated that the team could try to move the Lakers star later, but this puts the team right back where it started. Options are obviously running out, but they need to find a new player to build the franchise around. This trade does not do that. Follow @rgoldberg86

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