Getty ImagesContinuing with this week's series of fantasy-related content, we'll take a look at the fantasy value of some of the netminders in the year ahead.

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When it comes to drafting goaltenders, a tiered strategy is the way to go. It has worked for me for several years. The reason you look at them in terms of a tiered system is because you don't know when they will go in the draft. Goalies tend to go in "runs". Once a person selects one, others follow suit over the next few picks. Sometimes that's as early as the first round. cheap air max shoesOr it could be as late as the fifth round, depending on the rules of your league. All you need to do is ensure beyond a shadow of a doubt that you get a goalie from Tier 1 and a goalie from Tier 2. A second goalie in one of those tiers would be nice, but very tough to do because you are focusing on other positions. Tier 3 would be the goalies you take in the late rounds and generally include rookies, sleepers, those in 1A/1B situations and Band-Aid Boys.

Tier 1

Here are the slam dunks. These are the guys you can count on for 33 wins and they have a shot at 40. Their numbers are generally stellar and they won't let you down, barring a fluke injury (and if you get one of those, you're screwed anyway).

Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers

Money in the bank. I don't know what else to say about him. Six consecutive seasons of 35 or more wins. There is no safer pick.

Jonathan Quick, Los Angeles Kings

Three consecutive 35-win seasons and a dominant Conn Smythe-winning postseason. If the Kings have to showcase Jonathan Bernier, it may reduce Quick's starts mildly. But he'll still get his 35 wins easily.

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