Every WWE fan under the sun knows that Randy Orton is desperate to turn heel. It must fill The Viper with great jealousy to witness CM Punk's slow-burning move to the dark side these past few weeks, as he himself tries to bounce back from a two month suspension that concluded at the end of July. These suspicions have now been confirmed, according to a report from F4WOnline which reveals that, "Sources close to Randy Orton note that he desperately wants to go heel and that may be happening before the year is over" (h/t WrestlingInc.com). The fact that Orton's pleas aren't falling on deaf ears will come as a delight to many in the WWE Universe, who believe that his true calling has always been as the villain of the piece. The same source goes on to claim that, "The plan has been for Orton to turn once Sheamus was popular enough to carry SmackDown on his own." Orton is coming off the back of an impressive Night of Champions win over another superstar, Dolph Ziggler, who's also due for a big push later this year. Despite the match having nothing but pride at stake, the two have combined well,air max 2012  their fights at times overshadowing the main events on a card. But if we know anything about Orton, it's that he believes his rightful place is in the main event. The Apex Predator may have a point. Since his return, his pops have been as big as any on the SmackDown roster, and perhaps on par with the crowd reaction to CM Punk. Orton currently is due to take time off from the secondary live show though to, "begin work on WWE's 12 Rounds: Reloaded movie," which is due to be releasedin June of next year.(via WrestlingInc.com). Fans of Orton will be hoping the movie's production schedule doesn't prevent their favorite superstar from getting the push he feels he deserves later in the year. What do you think? Should WWE turn The Viper heel later in the year?

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