Denver Broncos, after five years, 96 million to sign Peyton - Manning, and the first 57 pick in the NBA Draft took off Arizona State University quarterback Brock the - Oswald Wheeler (Brock Osweiler), at the time over the 6000 Broncos season ticket holders to participate in yghjb9po the conference call Tuesday, Broncos vice president - John Elway were asked to explain the whole story.

Elvey explains: "select a quarterback to the Mustang long-term sake Oswald Wheeler is the future of the Mustang. Election under a quarterback in the draft is difficult, we must have high hopes for Cheap Baltimore Ravens jerseys him, once Manning left the team must immediately outstanding quarterback can stand out and lead the team to move forward, we must always ensure our competitiveness, rather than miss a few Super Bowl to wait. ""

Mustang in saying good-bye of Thibaudet after Chicago Bears quarterback Caleb - Hani (Caleb Hanie) Hani season in Cutler play Cheap Ravens Jerseys a few games after the injury, his career has been as The spare tire look. Even so, Elway still undisguised team attention Oswald Wheeler, bluntly Oscar Wheeler will be the object of management focus on training, and its development of "Manning learning program", hope Manning guidance rapid growth. 2 m, height

Oscar Wheeler, weight 110 kg, played 25 games in college, indeed, his experience gap of one to two cheap nike NFL jerseys years from one qualified to enter the NFL's quarterback, but Elway believe , all of this can make up for.

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