The Battle of King Mountain has been the focus of the war the most attention of fans each season, this week's Sunday Night race that is the case, unbeaten so far this season Houston Cheap 49ers jerseys Texans will sits at home, engaged with the league's most excellent quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers), led by the Green Bay Packers, in Beijing on October 15, at 8:30 am, Guangdong Sports, European Soccer Channel, PPTV-NFL channel and Tencent will afr78fmkfj the games broadcast live, welcome fellow fans to watch.

San Diego Chargers team last week to give the Saints quarterback Drew Brisbane (Drew Brees) enough pressure, but they did not able to achieve a victory in this week's home game, coach Ivanov Turner (Norv Turner) hope the team has changed. He said: Cheap Patriots Jerseys "Monday night game for many fans is a huge party, one of the very reason we will duel Peyton Manning. They are a great team, and we need to do is do our best to beat them, to become a great "

Lightning team hope their running back Ryan Matthews (Ryan Mathews) can continue to maintain the state, last week's game, Matthews completed a 80-yard pavement advancing and one touchdown, as well as the 59-yard catch. His career total of three times Cheap San Francisco 49ers jerseys against the Broncos game, every time he can achieve average touchdowns and ran 127.3 yards per game, can be described as Liema specialized households. After joining the Broncos, the main Broncos running back Willis Mike Benghazi (Willis McGahee) against the Lightning team to have a good play, two games of last season, Mike ran for 125 yards and 117 yards respectively Benghazi. Ground defense of the Lightning team ranked fifth in the league, lost only 74 yards per game draw pavement defensive. Mike Jiaxi Lightning team in the past 12 games, the only one you can do single field ran one hundred yards or more players.

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