Think the Detroit People Mover is just a mild-mannered monorail?

Think again. The action thriller "Alex Cross," which opens Oct. 19, gives the People Mover gets its 15 minutes of cinematic fame as the site of a kick-ass action sequence.

As the movie’s trailer briefly shows, the psycho killer character played by Matthew Fox fires what appears to be a portable rocket launcher from inside a People Mover car.

If you freeze-frame the scene immediately afterward, there is an outdoor shot of the trajectory with a sign for Congress Street clearly visible.

"Alex Cross" also features scenes shot at the old Packard plant and the Michigan Theatre. Look for stars Tyler Perry, who’s the Detroit police detective of the title, Nike Air Max Shoesand Fox to go mano-a-mano inside the Michigan Theatre’s ornate, decaying interior.

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Watch the 'Alex Cross' trailer

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