Marvel vs. Capcom

As the September 15th lockout draws ever nearer, dismaying NHL zealots all around the world, it's been impossible not to notice the Canadian influence on the hockey fan populace. The innate Canadian need to apologize -- to assume blame and to lose a little dignity in the name of peace -- has risen to the surface.

It's a nice trait, of course. But it's not always appropriate, and it hasn't been lately. It's because of this attitude that this has to be said:

For the love of God, hockey fans, this impending lockout is not -- I repeat not -- your fault.

Nothing you did necessitated it and, similarly,air max 2012  nothing you do can stop it. Any attempt to force the hand of the NHL and NHLPA in these negotiations is a fool's errand.

You are not doormats, as a recent Bruce Dowbiggin column suggested, because that would imply there's some action you aren't taking.

You have no volition whatsoever in this dispute. You didn't cause it by coming back excitedly and pumping more money into the game after the last lockout and you aren't enabling it now by not threatening to pull that money out this time around.

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